Couple Builds Breathtaking Cabin Out of Recycled Windows for Only $500

Building your own home out of recycled goods has become increasingly popular over the last several years. One couple took matters into their own hands by creating an unbelievable cabin in the mountains from the ground up, for just $500.

Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz met in 2011 after an artist residency in Pennsylvania. The two would go on dates to Nick’s favorite camping spot on his family’s property in West Virginia. The trip would always come with a stunning sunset in a cozy mountain forest.

After the two grew closer, they decided to build their dream home on Olson’s family’s property. Starting with no materials, they found recycled windows at antique markets and salvage yards. The only money they spent was on hardware and wood materials.

Nick has a history with carpentry, and Lilah knows how to sew. The two were able to build a beautiful lakefront home for only $500. Nick says that about 90% of the materials were from abandoned barns and that each window has its own story.