Watching This Adorable Otter Get Groomed Will Make Your Day

When This Super Comfy Otter Began To Squeak, He Stole Our HeartsThis adorable otter can’t get enough snuggles, even if he has to put up with grooming from his owner to get them. Sleepy and sweet, the otter is all of us in the afternoon.

We have so many questions. Which otter is this? Kotaro or Hana? Why the tiniest comb in the world? Is there anything sweeter than cuddling with a squeaky little otter? Well, we know the answer to that last one, and the answer is “no”.

This is the sort of video you definitely want to watch with the sound on. Not only is the background music adorable, but the squeaks and chirps from this sleepy little otter are sure to make your day just a little brighter.