Tiffany & Co.: Before Two Become One, The Question Is – ‘Will You?’

Everyone has a different story, different goals, and a different life all around. But there are two words that mark the beginning of every couple’s future as one, and they’re impossible to forget.

Tiffany &Co. uses these two words for their campaign, titled “Will You?” and we’ve featured an online video below that shows an advertisement that’s part of this campaign, and it’s making the whole world tear up. It’s one of the most touching commercials about marriage and relationships that I’ve ever seen.

This campaign has been receiving massive attention since it started, because of its pure, simple representation of love, and because of the realism and diversity that all their ads feature. Not long ago, this jewelry company that specializes in engagement rings shocked some parts of the world with a printed ad that featured a homosexual couple, and now they’re causing shock again with this beautiful and true representation of an interracial couple.

This campaign perfectly combines the modern way relationships are with the classic, “old-fashioned” engagement ring proposal. It shows that love is the way to break through any barrier. Watch the touching ad below.

Tiffany & Co.: Before Two Become One, The Question Is – \'Will You?\'