Mom beams with joy as baby raises hands in worship

Originally appearing in A&E’s reality TV series, Duck Dynasty as a teen, Sadie Robertson is all grown up now. She’s since become an author and inspirational speaker to Christ-followers, as well as a new mama to a beautiful baby girl of her own named Honey.

Like mother, like daughter, this video shows baby Honey raising her hands high during a recent worship service at the church Sadie and her husband attend.

The worship team and congregation sing Brandon Lake’s “House of Miracles” as Sadie holds her little one in front of her. Honey exuberantly stretches her hand high as she joins in the song. She concentrates on what she’s doing and smiles wide.

Sadie looks sweetly surprised at her daughter’s expression of worship and her face beams with motherly love.

“The overwhelming joy and awe that I felt in church today as I watched Honey begin to express herself in worship is something I hope I never forget,” Sadie says of the precious experience in her original Instagram post.

Sadie says she’s encouraged to see her daughter see Christ-like examples, and blessed to be a part of a community of believers as she and her husband raise their daughter.

Sadie currently hosts her own podcast and encourages other believers in their relationship with God.

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Mom beams with joy as baby raises hands in worship