He Saw an Elderly Neighbor Struggling to Cut Their Lawn. That Led to A Huge Community Movement.

Every person that has a garden or at least lawn in their yards knows that they can be very costly and tough to maintain. Everyone likes the green, almost blueish look their yard adopts in the summertime when their lawn has just received the royal treatment from the landscapers. Not everyone can afford to have a landscaping crew at their home each time their lawn needs a fixer-upper.

For instance, having your garden and yard planted with some flowers, bushes, and then your lawn placed, can run you in the thousands of dollars. And that’s in a single day. If you decide to call them back because you want some changes done or you need to add more things to your landscape, then you’ll have to empty your pockets again. And that’s not counting the routine maintenance rounds your exterior will need.

Some people choose to go about it on their own. They figure that they can cut costs and still have a good-looking lawn by only investing a few hours and getting some supplies at their DIY store. This works fine when you are still young. You have both the time and the strength to do it. What happens when you are an elderly person, and you have a good-sized yard? What if you have arthritis or mobility problems?

For them, their only choice is to either have a family member help them out, or have a landscaping crew do the work and then pay for it. The problem with that last idea is that most elderly people are not that well off, to begin with. Most of them are living off their pension or whatever benefits they can get. And as we all know; retirement pensions and state benefits don’t really get you that far.

One person saw this common occurrence and decided to do something about it. His name is Rodney Smith, Jr. One day, he was outside his home when he saw one of his elderly neighbors trying to cut his lawn. He knew that she would need help with that, so he went to give her a hand. When he finished, he felt a new sense of purpose in his life. He decided to see if he could help more people like her.

He started mowing lawns in his free time, and soon he was getting more calls than he could handle. That’s when he started, “Raising Men Lawn Care Service.” This is a volunteer group that looks for yards that need maintenance where their owners either can’t afford to have work done, nor they can do it themselves. They even have a system where its volunteers start showing how many lawns they’ve have worked on by the color of their T-shirt. This is their story!

He Saw an Elderly Neighbor Struggling to Cut Their Lawn. That Led to A Huge Community Movement.