100 Homeless People Given McDonald’s, You’ll Be Moved By The Reaction

YouTuber Lance Steward took to the streets with $250 worth of hamburgers ready to hand out to the homeless. He filmed everything for his channel as he and his friend Adin passed out McDonald’s to people living on the streets of LA, and you’ll be touched by the reactions.

It may have cost YouTuber Lance Steward $250 in McDonald’s, but the reaction from the homeless people he handed them out to across the streets of LA is priceless. Just wait until you see the way that 100 hamburgers are given out – now that’s money well spent.

What a touching way to reach out and help the community. His hamburgers fed one-hundred hungry, homeless people, and you can clearly see just how much the help means to each of them.

It’s acts of generosity like this that make all the difference to those in need. Lance and Adin were eager to share that this is just one of many heartwarming acts of kindness that they carry out.


100 Homeless People Given McDonald\'s, You\'ll Be Moved By The Reaction