You Won’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry When You Watch These Teens Try To Figure Out A Rotary Phone

Trying to keep up with the latest technology can definitely prove exhausting. It seems like there is a new device, software, or application each week. If we are honest, we will also admit that trying to keep up with this technology can also make us feel really old.

Our children experience a completely different range of emotions. They often find it amusing that we struggle to keep up. Despite their seeming advantage, they also find the technology of our childhood very confusing. This gives us the perfect opportunity to have a laugh ourselves.

This video is a classic example of how little they know about the technology we used when we were their age.

In this video, we meet Kevin Bumstead, his son, and his nephew. He decides to give these two boys a challenge during their holiday break last December.

He gave them 4 minutes to figure out how to dial a number he had written down using his archaic rotary phone. They were most perplexed and it was absolutely hilarious! He certainly got his revenge.

What makes this video even funnier is that they assumed the task was very simple. One of the boys can even be heard trying to teach the other what to do. In the end, the boys simply could not understand the concept of the phone having both a receiver and a dialer. It was even harder for them to figure out where each number was located on the dialer. I chuckled to myself as they discussed among themselves how to find the number zero.

These poor teenagers are apparently only familiar with touch screen smartphones. You get to watch them try frantically to dial the numbers and then get very frustrated as they realized they simply could not win this challenge.

You Won\'t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry When You Watch These Teens Try To Figure Out A Rotary Phone