This ‘Old-Timer’ Clip of ‘What Old People Do For Fun’ is Utterly Hilarious

We generally associate pranks and mischief to young people. Seniors are stereotyped as grumpy and passive. But those of you who think this need to watch this video! It’s going to make your day and put a smile on your face. This video shows that fun doesn’t end with age. Life and laughter can only get better!

One of the key qualities of a person is his sense of humor. And this couple has it! This couple was just driving around in their car. But when the woman finds an extra steering wheel beside her, things took a hilarious turn!

While there is no time on when this clip was made, it is truly comedy for the ages. This couple, seemingly out on a relaxing drive through the country, adds a little comedy to their day’s journey. I have met a few elderly folks that would definitely do what this lady has done in the clip.

Watch the video to find out what this woman did when they approached another car! Trust me, you are going to laugh as you’ve never laughed before. This was definitely a laugh-out-loud video for me.

This \'Old-Timer\' Clip of \'What Old People Do For Fun\' is Utterly Hilarious