News Chopper Catches Stadium Workers Playing Mario Kart – On The Jumbotron

When a local news helicopter flew over the Kansas City Royals stadium one evening, they never expected to see a video game playing on the Jumbotron. Instead of a fly ball, they spied a round of Mario Kart 8.

As it turns out, the Missouri baseball team was holding a fundraiser, and part of the event included a chance to play video games on one of the largest screens around. The KCTV news helicopter just happened to be flying by at the right moment to catch Mario making a victory lap, so we have to assume that the player was successful in his run.

With the portability of consoles these days, particularly the Nintendo Switch, it’s a simple matter to plug up your favorite game to any TV you have on hand. Granted, not many people get the chance to play games on a TV you can see from a flying helicopter. We just hope that the next time Mario takes a turn on that giant track, he avoids what would be a killer big blue shell.