Hilarious cop shows what he would sound like as a pilot

Witty police officer talks as if he were a pilot

At the back of the cop car, a criminal is extremely confused when the cop who arrested him starts to speak like a pilot. He is making light of an uncomfortable situation.

The cop talks about how he is a frequent flyer due to his criminal history, and that he can retrieve bibles, romance books, and snacks for his repeated business.

He almost wants to laugh, but he is more confused than anything. The cop makes fun of him for being arrested and mentions that the lawyers are working for them thanks to the taxpayers.

It is hard to be mad when the cop arresting you is also making jokes. So maybe he will enjoy the reduced legroom and enjoy the mildly warm hot pocket waiting for him in jail.

Witty police officer talks as if he were a pilot

Apparently, he does this for every criminal he arrests, it is like riding with a cop who also aspires to be a pilot. To be fair he does it very well.

He holds the radio as a pilot would, and talks about visibility from the car window. While riding in the back, the criminal can’t help but look amused and angry at the same time.

Being told that your car is being towed right in front of you is not a great thing to hear, but the guy has no other choice. Sitting in the back of a cop car really leaves you with nothing to do but listen.

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