35 of the wittiest quotes from ‘The Golden Girls’

Bea Arthur’s comedic timing on these sarcastic lines was absolutely perfect. These are just a few of the amazing moments from The Golden Girls, and we love them all.

The Golden Girls was all about misfits coming together to create a tight-knit circle of friends, even in the ‘golden years’ of our lives. When it aired in the 80s, it quickly became a classic, well-loved sitcom.

One of the reasons that this show worked so well and has persisted in our hearts for so long is the characters. The way they interact with each other is amazing, but their unique traits always bring us together.

Dorothy is the queen of quips, sarcastic comebacks, and savage remarks. Bea Arthur could deliver a line like no one else and had the perfect gift for comedic timing. These are some of her best moments.

We remember each of these lines so fondly! Whether you watched from the beginning or only catch re-runs, chances are this show has won you over – and this is just one of the many reasons why.

Though many have tried to replicate the magic of The Golden Girls, no one has quite managed to match up to the original. That’s for good reason!

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