McDonald’s Is ‘Reindeer Ready’ In Brilliant Christmas Advert

All of the big companies vie for the best Christmas advertisement every season. Many of the clips are works of art that tear at our heartstrings or hook us with their humor.

This year McDonald’s has thrown their hat into the ring. They have come up with their own TV Christmas card that everyone will appreciate! This one came as a complete surprise, and we’re loving it.

Ride in Santa’s sleigh to experience how the jolly old fellow spends Christmas Eve. At every stop, there’s a snack waiting for Santa, but what about his faithful reindeer? Don’t they get a snack, too?

Of course, Santa being the awesome guy that he is loves his reindeer as much as we love our pets, and he comes up with a quick solution. With Christmas gifts in need of being delivered, there is no time to waste.

Santa drops by – where else ? – McDonald’s! But Santa doesn’t order the average fair. No, there’s a twist, and sure enough, he returns with a sack full of reindeer treats to save the day. The look in their eyes says everything.

Seriously, where else are you going to go when you need to grab a fast bite on the road or in Santa’s case, in the sky?

Yes, it is true that McDonald’s is now selling bags of carrots along with their festive menu during the holiday season. Many parents will be pleased that McDonald’s is offering healthy snacks as well as their regular fare.

Is it possible that children may start to enjoy carrots as a result of this ad? All in all, I think so. At the very least I think we can expect VERY child who sees this will leave out a plate of carrots for Santa’s reindeer this year! I hope so!!

In a time of commercialism where retailers are pushing flashy products that are here today, gone tomorrow, I have to say that I applaud McDonald’s creative festive ad. It gave me a good giggle. I hope it did you, too.


McDonald’s Is \'Reindeer Ready\' In Brilliant Christmas Advert