Toddler shows how to give directions in the country

Life, according to Jake Boone, is always entertaining. He loves to talk, make lists, and give directions like an adult. He especially loves to get to work on the farm and build or fix things.

In this video, four-year-old Jake gives directions to Bear Creek over his breakfast. However, he’s too deep in conversation to eat much. Jake sports a well-worn farmer baseball cap and gestures as he says thoughtfully, “I went down there last week” in the twangiest of country accents.

His directions are filled with six-mile and one-mile roads, but he doesn’t waver in the certainty of his sense of direction. The family member in the video plays along as Jake explains.

Viewed over 1.3 million times, Jake’s YouTube videos show Jake tethering hay, woodworking, and feeding a baby calf on his farm.

Jake’s second most well-known video was his first, in which he holds a pen and notebook and pretends to make a grocery list with his mother. He asks her “what else” they need on the list and then repeats the item after his mom.

In the videos with his mom, we can hear where Jake has gotten his adorable country accent.

Little Jake has made millions of people smile just for being his sweet self. Keep the videos coming, Mom.

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Toddler shows how to give directions in the country