Mom does double-take when newborn says, “I love you”

This little one has lots of smiles for Mommy as they discuss the holidays. It’s easy to hear the joy in the mother’s voice as she asks her two-month-old if she’s gotten everything she wanted for Christmas. Baby laughs, smiles, and coos along in conversation. She wears a sweet pink bib and sits in a grey and white cloud bouncer.

“Was Santa good to you?” asks the mother gleefully. “Did you get everything you wanted? The sweet baby looks thoughtfully.

She echoes her mom’s sound a few times, and then her mother says, “Mama loves you!” We see her eyes light up, and then after she hears “I love you,” as clear as can be, the two-month-old sweetly repeats, “I love you.”

Did you say “I love you?” her mother asks, surprised.
The baby’s mother is undoubtedly grateful to get this precious first words moment on camera.

Many babies begin cooing and babbling at two and three months and can hold eye contact in these sorts of sweet conversations. It’s always important to talk to babies as they begin to develop their communication skills.

As demonstrated in this video, the little one may not understand precisely what you are saying, but they will be delighted to take part in back and forth.

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Mom does double-take when newborn says, \