Daddy Sings Joe Cocker Song To Make His Baby Happy. She Then Steals The Show From Him

When you’re a parent, especially to a baby, you will do anything in the world to get your wee one to laugh or smile. That will include moving mountains if need be. “Look! Daddy’s moving Mount Kilimanjaro! Nothing? Sigh. OK. I’ll have to move Mount Everest.” “GIGGLE!” “I need to see a doctor about this hernia…” Though drastic measures like that often aren’t needed. Instead, sometimes, like this daddy here finds, singing works just great.

A daddy and his baby daughter are lying on the ground, facing each other. He begins crooning Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” to her. His singing is great, but he is now an afterthought as the camera just LOVES this baby’s reaction.

Her eyes light up and she gives the widest smile. This baby is no more than a month old if that. Daddy is smitten with her, as you can tell when he strokes her on both sides of her head. She’s going to be a daddy’s girl, for sure.

We see this brief video end on the sweetest of notes, with her daddy giving her a tender kiss on her forehead right before the end. She is indeed beautiful to her father.