Adorable Deaf Baby Hears Sister’s Loving Voice For The First Time And Cannot Stop Giggling

It’s hard to imagine going through life without one of your senses. When baby Scarlet was born three months premature, she was hard of hearing, but she didn’t let this stop her spirits. When Scarlet gets her own set of hearing aids, her reaction is priceless.

Baby Scarlet and her family waited months for this one moment to arrive. When the time came, physicians at Atlanta Hearing Associates sat Scarlet on her mother’s lap, turned on her new hearing aids, and watched her adorable reaction to hearing for the first time.

The first voice that Scarlet would hear was her big sister’s. When the sister began to speak, sweet Scarlet immediately starts to smile and giggle. You can see the excitement on Scarlet’s face as well as the pure emotion that overcame her mother.

Taking things for granted is easy to do, but when you see Scarlet tackling the world, it puts things into perspective. Life is valuable, and we should all seize all of the luxuries that come with it.