Adorable baby performs “Star Spangled Banner” duet with her dad

Most of the time it can be tricky, if not impossible, to tell what your baby or infant will grow up to become. But in the case of this adorable little one, it was clear this baby would go on to do something in performance.

Across the country, the United States National Anthem is one of the most recognizable songs. Whether their parents play it at home or children see it on TV, many kids know the melody and lyrics before grade school.

But this adorable baby had a headstart on her peers. Even before she could sing the words, she was already familiar with “The Start Spangled Banner.” And based on her performance, it was one of her favorite songs.

The baby did not let her inability to speak stop her from participating in her dad’s musical performance. When her dad started singing, she kept time like an adorable conductor, waving her arms and babbling to the beat.

But like any professional performer, the baby knew how to work a crescendo into her song. When her dad got to the “And the rocket’s red glare” verse, she put her whole body into the melody.

In a show that will have even the coldest hearts melting, this talented little one threw her head back and belted in her cute baby voice to accompany her dad.

Whether you are patriotic or not, this fantastic duet is sure to put a smile on your face the way it has for almost 200,000 viewers already. We cannot wait to see what this musical baby does in the future.

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Adorable baby performs “Star Spangled Banner” duet with her dad