Zookeepers Build Snowman Inside Panda’s Home and Capture Fun Interaction On Camera!

The winter weather is nearly at an end for many people, and we’ve had a torrid time of it. It’s been one of the worst on record, and many people have felt the chill, not to mention the harsh blizzard conditions and heavy snowfalls that have brought chaos to many parts of the world.

Many of us struggle when winter comes around, finding it tough to get to work, slipping on the ice or just generally finding the snow to be a total inconvenience. But there are those who adore it, like children for instance. And pandas!

Da Moa here is a resident of the Toronto Zoo, and to give him something to play with after a typically heavy snowfall, zookeepers decided to build him a snowman! His antics have set the internet alight as the video has been viewed over 2 million times – by people who need cheering up in the midst of all the foul weather!

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real problem, and as many of us haven’t been getting our vitamin D for some months, watching a panda fall off the top of a snowman might be the next best thing. As one perfect comment so aptly puts it – “In a world filled with war, poverty, and terrorism it feels good to see a panda climb a snowman and fall off.”

And indeed it does as we defy you not to be grinning from ear to ear at the adorable, child-like antics of one of the world’s most entertaining and comical creatures. The excellent news is that the giant panda was recently taken off the endangered list, so we have something to cheer in the wake of the tragedy of losing the last male, white rhino. Big game trophy hunting should be banned, and hunters ashamed of themselves – but at least the panda looks to be with us for many years to come.

That can only be a good thing considering how much joy this beautiful creature can bring. They’re so undeniably lovable, especially when they’re all playing together, but Da Moa here is still so entertaining to watch as he dismantles the zookeepers gift to him with utter joy. When he falls off the snowman’s head – we were in stitches!

Don’t miss this mood enhancing footage in the link below and share it with your family and friends – especially if anyone you know needs seriously cheering up! Da Moa can certainly do that!

Zookeepers Build Snowman Inside Panda’s Home and Capture Fun Interaction On Camera!