Tiny Owl Getting Squirt Bottle Bath Will Make Your Day

This owl named Curbie flew to his owner asked for something to drink and his loving owner gave him some water to whet his whistle from a convenient spray bottle she keeps around just for the occasion.

But Curbie being the spoiled owl that he decides not only does he need some refreshment, but he decides he’s also like a little bath. We are quite blessed that his owner had a camera to film the whole interaction so the whole world could see how adorable Curbie was being without even knowing!

After Curbie signals that he is thirsty to his owner, he takes a few sips and then immediately decides that he is now ready for his bath. He raises his wings really high, so his owner has an easier time to squirt him with water underneath and get him nice and clean. Nothing like a day at the spa!

Curbie continues by rotating in a clean circle, to ensure that his mom does not miss a single spot! The wise little owl does not stop surprising us throughout the entirety of the video. You can almost hear him saying, “Oh, let me turn, a little lower, just a little lower, just under that feather. Yep, yep, right there. Okay, other side!”

This bird definitely is living the good life and he’s loving it. This is obviously a routine that Curbie and his mom frequently perform because Curbie seems to know all the ins and outs, and all the best spots for his refreshing spritzer bath.

The sensationally cute owl has gone viral and had been viewed for millions of times. Everyone simply adores the wise and inventive owl. Actually, how could you not want to share the adorable owl with your friends and family?

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Tiny Owl Getting Squirt Bottle Bath Will Make Your Day