This Nesting Goose Was Without a Mate, So This Deer Took Over The Job Of Protector

I love watching unlikely pairs of animals getting along together. This video features one of these unbelievable yet totally adorable friendships. You are going to be in awe when you see this touching clip from 2011.

Animal experts say that when a goose finds a mate, it stays with them for life. Male geese are supposed to defend their nests, while females stay on it. So when one of them loses the other, it is sad to watch the other so lonely. This video shows a similar situation.

This poor goose can be seen taking care of her nest by herself. Her male companion is nowhere to be found. But then a deer shows up and sits right beside the nest, almost as if he is taking responsibility for the little family.

As geese can be very aggressive during their nesting period, they are discouraged from nesting in public areas. The goose in our video has no mate to protect her, or their eggs, while she is nesting in a regional cemetery. So, this goose is open to harm from any prey. For reasons that have experts baffled, a deer has decided to take on the role of her protector.

When authorities tried to get close to the nesting goose, the deer put itself right in between them, not allowing them any closer. When confident no one was going to get closer, the deer lay down again, protective and alert, in front of the urn where the goose was laying.

What an unusual and delightful event between three species, and I feel special having been able to witness it, albeit not in person. The interaction between species is fascinating to experience.

This Nesting Goose Was Without a Mate, So This Deer Took Over The Job Of Protector