This Adorable Spider Monkey Really Likes Bath Time – Talk About Pampered!

Everybody enjoys taking some time out to be pampered. Leaving all of that stress that has built up to just flow away can feel euphoric. But it turns out the humans are not the only ones who enjoy relaxing in this way.

Watch as this spider monkey lets his worries flow away as he has a dip in the sink. Perched on the edge with his ankles crossed this monkey looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world. The video gets even cuter when he gets out of his bath and is having his hair brushed, then he starts brushing his own teeth!

As it is with humans, and all primates, grooming is an important social behavior for both hygiene and community. And while I am sure this adorable guy could groom himself, he sure seems to enjoy having it all done for him. He is living the life, indeed.

Unsurprisingly, this video went viral; more than 15 million people have enjoyed watching this relaxing monkey. It’s actually relaxing watching him relax. And seriously, when he brushes his teeth? You can’t help but giggle.