These Gigantic “Super Cows” Resemble Bovine Body-Builders

The Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Cow Word – Meet the Belgian Blue Bull.

Meet the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cow species. Being compared with bovine bodybuilders, the Belgian Blue Bull is standing at 5.2 feet (1.6 m) tall and weighs over one metric ton. The beautiful thing about these super cows, is that no “dirty” science tricks, like the injection of steroids, was used in creating them. The wonder of science was nevertheless utilized to develop this natural phenomenon.

These animals are 100% natural. The only interference in the natural evolution was man selecting specific specimens to enhance certain desirable aspects of this animal. Over the past hundred years, the Belgian Blue cow was selectively bred and the latest scientific technology is now utilized, to speed up the process to ultimate perfection.

It was found that some of these cows carried a defective growth-regulating gene, which causes the cow’s muscles to grow much larger than normal. By pre-selecting the donors and ensuring that only the correct sperm is used, an artificial insemination process ensures that the defective gene is transferred to the next generation.

Looking at these massive bulls make you feel like looking at some oversized prehistoric beast. They are even being shaved to display and highlight their enormous muscles even more. No pre-warm-up, pumping up or rubbing in of oil is required to present those bulging muscles to dumbstruck spectators. Unfortunately due to the preselection process, no hanky-panky for these big boys tonight.

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