Teddy Bear, The Talking Porcupine, Doesn’t Like To Share

We were all Teddy the porcupine at some point, especially as kids. When mom gives you something yummy then asks you to share it, that’s just the toughest thing in the world. Just listen to the sounds Teddy makes when his caretaker tries to take his corn back.

Teddy Bear the porcupine lives at wildlife education center Zooniversity. There he’s living his best life, wobbling around the lawn, eating snacks like the corn on the cob his carer just gave him.

The trouble starts when mom insists he shares his snack with her. Grumbling as if he talking to her, he seems to opine possessively. Did you hear the phrase “my corn” in his talking? We think we did.

Teddy Bear, The Talking Porcupine, Doesn\'t Like To Share