Tarra, the Elephant, Waited Patiently While Her Best Buddy Bella, the Dog, Recovered

Most people don’t know it, but elephants are actually very intelligent and capable of having very strong social bonds, at a level almost equal to humans. They have best friends, and they move with the same pack for their whole lives.

Thankfully, we have places like the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary were older pachyderms get to live peacefully in safety. Usually, they pick other elephants for their friendships, but the one featured in this video had a different plan in mind. You won’t believe it when you see it.

In the clip below, you can see a very improbable and very adorable relationship between Tarra, an elder elephant, and a cute pup named Bella. Even though they’re completely different, that doesn’t stop them from playing together and hanging out all the time like best friends.

Sadly, some time ago, Bella had to stay in bed because of an injury she had. Since they couldn’t be together, Tarra patiently waited for her friend as close as she could. They’re so lovely; it makes me want to get an elephant friend of my own.