Stunning video of majestic and exotic white peacock fanning his beautiful feathers

Thinking about peacocks, we often imagine spectacular blue and green feathered birds in our minds. These incredible birds are just as amazing without their colorful backdrop. You’re about to see white peacocks that are not albino as most people assume.

This is a scarce species of a peacock, and it’s unlikely that the average person will ever see one. I was lucky enough to see two of them, together, while traveling in India. In a lot of ways, they are more breathtaking than their colorful cousins.

They were just as vocal and outgoing though! These birds were wild and were not enclosed at all. They are also considered sacred by the townspeople.

In this clip, we can see the incredible bird with his tail fully spread out. When you finally see him in all his glory, you are going to be amazed and probably have your jaw hit the floor.

At one point he makes a loud sound, which at first, I thought was an oncoming vehicle. But it is just this proud peacock making his usual entrance.

Watch below and be dazzled by these amazing examples of natural beauty. Please leave a comment in the section below and please by all means share this clip with your animal loving friends and family.