Stallion Competition Is Fierce When Bachelors Challenge The Leader

Competition among stallions is fierce. When a group of bachelors challenges Prince for his mares, at first Cloud only watches, standing by his lead mare Sitka.

But when Cloud decides to join the fray, he gets more than he bargained for. Who will emerge victoriously?

In this stunning video from PBS, we learn more about this stallion named Cloud, a member of one of the last wild horse herds in America. The Pryor Mountains (Called Arrowhead Mountains by the Native Americans) are home to many wild horses, as it is a wild horse refuge. That means the horses are protected and roam free throughout the range.

This range is also special because of the genetics of the horses. In the DNA from the particular horses, scientists have traced it back to Colonial Spanish Horses. That means these horses have been around since the first horses were brought to American by the Spaniards in 1493!

The Pryor Mountain Horses are up for adoption, this helps to moderate the population of the herd. After watching this video, I’m sure the thought will at least cross your mind.

Documentaries on wildlife are some of my favorite shows to watch. Seeing nature at its purest form is fascinating. I think it is very brilliant to observe these horses in their natural habitat, doing what they are naturally supposed to be doing. It’s very beautiful.

If these wild horses inspired you, then share their video. The Pryor Mountain Horses will appreciate it.

Stallion Competition Is Fierce When Bachelors Challenge The Leader