She Doesn’t Know If This Chimp Will Remember Her After 18 Years. Now Watch His Reaction…

Linda Koebner at the age of 23, was able to witness one of the most incredible things in her entire life. Linda was able to be the source of freedom to a group of chimpanzees that were used for 6 years in lab experiments.

No one involved in the mission had any idea what the animals reaction would be to the freedom that they had never known. These Chimps were in cages all their lives and they had never even seen the sun. Would the response be positive or downright dangerous?

Things went well but as you can imagine some damage had been done. So, Linda jumped in and became a surrogate mother to the chimps for 4 years, helping them get accustomed to life on the outside of a cage, away from the poking and prodding of the lab work.

Below is the incredible footage of Linda being reunited with the chimps after 18 years. Watch the amazing reaction of such beautiful animals as they lead you through the tension of wondering whether or not they are going to recognize Linda at all!

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