Scientists Catch Shark Feeding Frenzy During Deep Dive On The Ocean Floor

NOAA Scientists got the experience of a lifetime when they came upon a shark feeding frenzy during a deep dive to the ocean floor. While watching the rare glimpse into how life works in the ocean, the scientists even spotted a shark falling prey to a grouper.

Life at the bottom of the ocean is constantly a wonder, as these NOAA scientists discovered. As they were about to finish a deep dive on the ocean floor off the coast of South Carolina, they happened upon a shark feeding frenzy.

The amazing sights weren’t done yet, as just a few moments later, one of the sharks was eaten by a giant grouper. As one Youtube commenter put it: “Groupers aren’t particular. If it’s the right size and is another fish, swallows it, don’t worry, and let the stomach acids finish the job.”