Park Bench Keeps Getting Broken, Hidden Camera Records Hilarious Culprits

Nature never ceases to amaze me. No matter what I have learned about it, it always comes up with something I never expect. Even for people who have dedicated their lives to studying nature and its animals, they always get thrown a curveball. This is something we all can pretty much relate to. It’s probably happened to you too.

Often curveballs come with the fauna of a region. Scientists and biologists who have dedicated their whole lives to studying a few animals also get thrown a lemon. Just when they think they know exactly who is doing something, up comes an animal that does something very uncharacteristic. We have seen this happen, where animals normally enemies, turn out to be best friends. This means that there is a lot about animal behavior that has yet to be discovered. Apparently, animals do not always act out of instinct. And this is something that usually takes us by surprise.

People at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve would certainly find this out. Located in the remote Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, this natural reserve is home to several beautiful species. It is also known as the land of fire and ice. Its statistics are quite impressive. It was created in 1934 and spans 4,240 square miles. As you can see, the Kronotsky Nature Reserve is massive. It also includes the region’s biggest lake, Lake Kronotskoye, which alone is 246 square miles.

It also has the only geyser basin in all of Russia. It’s home to many mountain ranges, too. This includes several volcanoes—some of which are still very much active. Hence the name “land of fire and ice.” It is actually very expensive to visit this reserve. About only 3000 people do it every year with a cost of about $700 each.

Rangers in the park were having a lot of trouble with one of their benches. They found that it was being destroyed seemingly daily. After one repair, they set up a hidden camera so they could catch the perpetrator and send him or her to jail. What they find in the recordings is nothing short of hilarious!

Park Bench Keeps Getting Broken, Hidden Camera Records Hilarious Culprits