If You Come Across This Odd-Looking Creature, Don’t Touch It

There are many things in life that are dangerous for us, but life in a city can mean that most of those dangerous creatures are at bay. People with young ones have to take special care because curious young minds can throw caution to the wind when dealing with unusual and unfamiliar things. When this mother took her kids to the local park, she thought it would be a day like every other.

While her kids were playing in the park, she sat down with her infant and noticed a very airy but cute caterpillar was making its way towards her. She had never seen anything like it before, so she whipped out her camera and started recording. Fortunately for her, she did not touch the unfamiliar caterpillar but instead researched it when she got home.

She found out that this particular species of caterpillar had a sting which was as painful as a jellyfish sting. Its furry body disguised tiny spikes of pure venom that could cause nausea, sweating and even a trip to the doctors. Native to the South East, they stay high amongst the trees and rarely come down. However, many have been found to be making their way down to the ground in many communities.

Tell your little ones to beware and keep an eye out for anything unfamiliar. Your warning could save them a LOT of pain.

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If You Come Across This Odd-Looking Creature, Don\'t Touch It