Koko the Gorilla Grieves Over Loss Of Her Kitten Friend

Despite their large size, gorillas can actually be some of the warmest and most caring creatures in the animal kingdom. That was definitely true in the case of Koko, one of the most famous gorillas that ever lived.

Koko just loved being warm to everyone around her, including her good friend, the little kitty. Koko was very fond of this kitten, they did everything together, and they were essentially inseparable for a long period of time.

Koko adored her time with “All Ball” – as she called the kitten. She was, in Koko’s eyes, round, like a ball. They had so many fun times playing together.

Unfortunately, one day, All Ball passed away. Upon learning the news, Koko reacted the way any good pet lover would do; she was devastated and cried her eyes out.

Koko was a whole lot more than just another gorilla. She was an incredibly smart, caring, compassionate individual who truly had a great deal of love to give. The loss of her kitten companion was just too much for her, and she reacted accordingly.

You will not believe the emotion on display in this video until you see it for yourself. As a warning, you may just want to grab a box of tissues before you hit “play”!

Koko the Gorilla Grieves Over Loss Of Her Kitten Friend