Jim Goes to Great Heights to Check out The Eagles’ Nests – All in The Name of Science

Jim Campbell-Spickler is convinced that he’s got the very best job that anyone can have, and he made a video to demonstrate it. Jim is a forest canopy ecologist and wildlife biologist, which means he gets to work closely beside one of the most admired and iconic creatures that exist: eagles.

He must get to extremely great heights to work, in the literal sense of the expression. He climbs up to hundreds of feet above the ground to check on eagles’ nests. Since he’s a biologist, he has the duty to make sure that eagles are alright and thriving in their natural environment. He temporarily captures eagle chicks to take blood samples from them to check if there are any anomalies or contamination in their environment.

It’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it, and Campbell-Spickler is glad to be the man on the job. He acts as a lifeguard to eagles, and to work so closely with one of the most cherished species on Earth is an honor to him. As with any interaction with wild animals, what is shown in this video must not be tried at home. It’s work that must be left to trained professionals who are completely aware of what they’re doing.

After watching this video, I think Jim may be right – he has the best job in the world. Albeit a bit frightening and definitely a bit gross at times, he surely has a better office view than most.

Jim Goes to Great Heights to Check out The Eagles\' Nests - All in The Name of Science