Jealous Tasmanian Devil Pup Wants His Sister’s Attention

Mawson and his sister Madison are Tasmanian Devil pups living out their best lives at the Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary with their mom. Madison wants to play with their mom, but jealous Mawson is having none of it. He pulls his sister away from their mom in the cutest way ever.

A family of Tasmanian Devils is living at the Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary. The two babies in the family, Mawson, and Madison are very cute and playful. One day Madison was playing with their mom when Mawson got jealous, wanting the attention for himself. So he pulled his sister away from their mom in the cutest way possible: By the tail.

Dragging his sister away from their mother had the right effect because suddenly Madison is very interested in wrestling with her brother and no longer interested in playing with her mom. Their adorable tussle takes them in and out of the bushes and leaves their tired mom to get some much needed me time.