Allow The ‘Ice Man’ To Teach You The Breathwork of A Guru

Learn How To Control Your Breathing and Energize Your Body for Better Health & Emotional Wellness

Call it mindful breathing, pranic breath, a variation of pranayama, or simply even hyperventilation, one thing is for sure – Wim Hof has a method that works. Watch as he shows you the right way to breathe to induce an influx of oxygen to elevate your consciousness.

Better known as the ‘Ice Man’, Wim is an endurance athlete who has discovered the key to vitality and total wellness. Using a combination of controlled breathwork and cold temperature conditioning, Wim Hof has opened up his method to the public. Follow this, the first of his videos, to unlock the full power of oxygen.

Not even Joe Rogan could dispute Wim Hof’s instant effects. During an interview with him on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’, Joe was guided through a breathing session. After just a few minutes of impromptu controlled breathwork (while seated), he was able to stay without breath for just over two and a half minutes.

The key behind this method lies in the heightened oxygen levels that you reach. As a result, your stress levels plummet while your immune system strengthens. Power breathing also fortifies you with energy, allowing you to perfect mental and physical tasks better, while the release of endorphins keeps you in a fantastic mood at the same time.

Wim Hof offers some advice on when to practice, saying, “I say on an empty stomach. In the morning, before you go have breakfast – That’s a great time to do it. Or whenever your stomach is empty, and you feel ‘Hey, I got some spare time and I don’t feel really good. I want to have some peace.'”

Watch Wim Hof’s instructional video that’ll show you how to unlock the power of your immune and endocrine systems using controlled breathing, eliminating stress, and improving your overall health.

Allow The \'Ice Man\' To Teach You The Breathwork of A Guru