Scared Deer Goes Limp In Hunter’s Arms When She Realizes He’s Not There To Kill Her

This was the case of hunter to the rescue. Along a lonely highway in the middle of the night, a hunter spotted a deer struggling to free himself from a roadside fence.

As the hunter approaches the deer frantically tries to get away, with no success. The hunter quietly and calmly strokes the deer and then lifts it up to release his leg from the net.

The hunter quietly and calmly strokes the deer and then lifts her up to release her leg from the net.

Since he is not able to do so on the first try, the hunter persists and moves the deer a little higher while manipulating the wire in the fence. Holding the deer with one arm while trying to free his leg with the other. That’s not easy to do. I’m glad there are people out there like him!

While the footage lasts just over a minute, it must seem like a lifetime to the deer, but the buck remains calm.

Finally, the deer is freed, and the hunter fist pumps in the exhilaration of a rescue, completed! Well done, sir! Very well done, indeed.

I just wanted to say it’s wonderful to see someone care for an animal and help out like this. It must have taken an enormous amount of energy to have held that deer all that time, I can only imagine how tired he must have felt after that.

The hunter says: “I was fortunate enough to find this little button deer. Luckily, his leg just a scratch and I was able to free her before any more damage could happen.”

Such a wonderful act of kindness. Here’s hoping this experience will touch the hearts of everyone.

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