He Pointed His Camera Toward The Sea And What He Captured Blew Everyone Away

Nature is full of incredible and beautiful sights that leave us full of awe and wonder. We see footage of behemoth tornados, monster waves, and massive hurricanes. We have incredible pictures of earth from orbit and beautiful shots of glaciers in the Arctic. One incredible sight that everyone should see at least once is on a beach.

But the ocean, while certainly an incredible sight, is not all that needs to be seen. For those who have stood by the ocean in the middle of a storm and watched lightning strike across the horizon, this is possibly one of the most incredible and awe-inspiring sights that they have ever seen.

In this video, a man stands by the ocean in the middle of a lightning storm and captures footage of the experience. He gets many shots of lightning scattered throughout the ocean, but what makes this video amazing is the single giant bolt that came far closer than any other.

Any meteorologist will tell you that you cannot predict where lightning will strike, and this man could not have planned for how close this ocean bolt came. Talk about luck!