Everyone Was Excited He Caught The Little Fish – Then This Creature Came Out Of Nowhere To Steal It

As you know, fishing can be a great way to build memories with you and your kids. But sometimes nature has a different plan for us. In this short video, you’ll watch the little kid catch a perch and have a snake come up and steal it.

“Oh, my God. That is amazing. Whoa,” the little boy says. “It’s taking our perch. Holy cow, that is amazing.” The snake slithers away from the mom with the camera as she and the little boy follow it. But at the 16-second mark, the snake seems to drop the fish and let it go.

“My son caught a little perch, reeled it up to the shore, and as it flopped around, it unhooked itself,” Cindy Kruller wrote on YouTube. “As soon as that happened, a garter snake comes out of nowhere and grabs it! My son started screaming about a snake stealing his fish, so I grabbed my camera and filmed the chase. The snake ended up dropping the fish, and we were able to get it back in the water.”

After the snake dropped the fish, the boy put it back in the water. It had survived. Then the little boy had only one thing to say, “Mom, you have to put that on YouTube.” When shocking things happen, we can choose to either accept them or resist them. It’s great to see the little boy enjoy the experience of the snake stealing his catch and not crying about it.