Gorilla With A Teenager’s Sense of Humor Pulls Hilarious Prank

The setting for this amusing video is the gorilla enclosure at a zoo. The backdrop is idyllic, majestic primates relaxing in the dappled shade of a lush green, forest-like enclosure, complete with a splendid rocky outcrop in the background.

It is a peaceful scene with the gorilla family enjoying their day in a very natural-looking environment. The only problem is the neighbors. In the enclosure right alongside the gorilla exhibit, some workmen are clearly busy with some home improvements.

Enter the silverback. This is the magnificent dominant male, the head of the gorilla family. And he is certainly a very large and impressive looking individual. He is also a good actor, plus a bit of a ham — and he has a sense of humor. Nonchalantly, he idly pulls at some green grass as if he hasn’t a worry in the world.

In reality, the clever primate is preparing his prank. He clobbers the nearest of the workmen, and they scatter, laughing as they jump clear with a clump of grass. But the humans are too slow to avoid the silverback’s dusty missile. Score one to the gorilla, nil to mankind.

Gorilla With A Teenager\'s Sense of Humor Pulls Hilarious Prank