Dolphin Creates a Strange Circle Pattern and Waits as the Camera Captures an Incredible Phenomenon

Getting dinner for most of us is as easy as a trip to the grocery store to gather supplies, but for dolphins, they need to work for their supper.

However, dolphins are much smarter than you would think when you see them frolicking in the warm blue ocean.

Were you to see this behavior from the video for yourself, you would instantly wonder what type of game was being played.

But it turns out that it is an effective fishing technique, not a game at all. Instead of chasing fish all over the lagoon, the dolphins get creative.

One dolphin swims in a circle in the shallow water, flapping her tail to stir up the mud. Once she has the mud circle completed, the fish have only one way out.

They try to jump out of the mud circle. In the meantime, the other dolphins wait to catch the desperate leaping fish. And voila, supper is served. You can almost see them smiling in this video.