Disgruntled Baby Elephant Huffs Towards Tourists In Adorable “Charge”

A full-grown African elephant can stand anywhere from 8-13 feet tall and weigh between 3 and 7 tons. Even though these magnificent herbivores are generally docile, one baby calf proves he’s willing to fend for himself when tourists get in his way.

The South Luangwa National Park located in Zambia is a beautiful reserve known for its abundance of wildlife. And, though they generally welcome visitors into their homes, these animals can get offended when tourists overstep their bounds, as these sightseers learned during their stay.

The elephant herd featured in this clip can be seen stopping to nibble on some leafy greens while going about their day in the reserve. As two youngsters start to play, most of the other mammals don’t seem too bothered by the tourists watching just a few hundred feet away.

However, as the rest of the crowd moves on to their next lunch spot, the youngest calf seems to take offense at the fact that the tourists are filming his sibling rivalry. His resulting “charge” is so adorably cute, these tourists don’t know whether to run or stay to see more.