Desperate Baby Deer Abandoned by Mom and Sister, But What This Man Does for Her Saves Her Life!

Little fawn kisses the man who saved her.

Man Saves Abandoned Baby Deer.

An injured fawn was abandoned by its mother and sibling. A kind-hearted man took the baby deer into his home and saved her life.
It is instinct for self-preservation, but when you have a little one depending upon you for survival, you do everything in your power to keep them safe from harm. When a mama doe was passing near Darius’ home, he noticed that one of her two babies was limping and was soon left behind. The little one seemed to have a problem in her leg and couldn’t walk properly.

The mama doe knew her little one was being left behind, but she couldn’t put her other baby at risk and decided to keep moving to keep her second baby safe. Darius didn’t want the baby fawn to be eaten by predators, so he brought the little one into his home and introduced the fawn to his cats and dogs.

Little fawn plays with Felix.

They all got along really well and seemed to accept the newcomer into their fold easily. Darius devised a makeshift brace for the doe’s leg from an oatmeal box, and this helped the little one grow stronger until he noticed the fawn walking better after a few days. When he saw how much the fawn improved, he started looking out for its mother.

Hoping for a happy reunion, he searched high and low, but couldn’t find the mother. However, when he was away for a few days, the mother came in search for her lost child and the two became a family again! Darius was glad this happened in his absence as the fawn had grown attached to him.

He still sees them running around in the summer and is glad that the fawn is back in her natural family and habitat. He was the reason she was given a second chance. What did you think of this story? What would you have done if you were in his place? Write in and let us know in the section below.

Desperate Baby Deer Abandoned by Mom and Sister, But What This Man Does for Her Saves Her Life!