Darling Capuchin Monkey Throws the Most Adorable Tantrum that Left Me in Stitches

It can be more than confusing when it comes to temper tantrums. It’s not always easy to see why someone opposes an idea or thought that you might have. Yet, time and time again, we find ourselves in situations where someone just gets to a level of frustration that is beyond comprehension.

The temper tantrum in the video below is a little bit different, but only because of the ‘tantrumee’. Monkey Boo, a Capuchin Monkey YouTube star of her own right, is having one heck of a tantrum but her daddy has no idea why. She is not letting go of her leash but doesn’t want to go out. She is just in a mood.

This little gal is really cute, even when she is grumpy. You can’t help but smile at her little antics. She can’t help but be adorable. Enjoy the video of her stomping about, and check out some of her other clips, too.