Orphaned Baby Antelope Too Tiny for Zoo Scales

Baby Antelope Too Small For Scales Is Hand-Raised After Losing Mom

Thamos, an orphaned newborn dik-dik, might be small, but he’s already beating huge obstacles. He lost his mother a day after he was born, but zookeepers at the Chester Zoo are stepping in to care for the orphaned antelope. 

Little creatures are adorable and baby creatures even more so. Their innocent eyes looking adoringly up at you will tug at heartstrings and melt any hard heart. Little Antelope Thamos lost his mom the day after he was born and the newborn dik-dik, small though he was, proved that he could overcome any obstacle with the help of his human friends at Chester Zoo.

His keepers have done all they can and more to make sure he is healthy and safe, but they were so surprised when they tried to weigh him! As you know, all baby animals are weighed in at the time of birth for record purposes, but this little antelope was so tiny, his weight didn’t even register on the scales at the zoo!

Standing only 7.5 inches tall (yes, you can actually see that size on a standard ruler), Thamos proved to be too light for the scales, but with proper care and attention, the keepers hope that within the span of a few months the baby antelope can join the rest of the dik-dik residents at Chester Zoo.

He may be small, but he’s got a will to live stronger than anything we’ve ever seen. Watch how he is hand-fed by his loving keepers, and how his tiny legs and childish enthusiasm make him active as he prances around looking for adventure.

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Orphaned Baby Antelope Too Tiny for Zoo Scales