A Visiting Pianist Had Quite the Shock when This Elephant Decided to Play with Him

Animals, in general, are known to appreciate music. Search videos online, and you will find many dogs that enjoy a good tune; you may even find a cat or two. But until recently, I never realized that elephants have quite the ear for melodies also.

Elephants are intelligent animals, but they also have a reputation for being extremely moody. They are generally thought to be in a playful mood in the early evening, as the heat of the day dies off and there is a freshness in the air.

The Elephantstay in Thailand is operated under a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the care of retired and aging elephants. The Royal Elephant Kraal Village has over 80 elephants that stay there. They are treated with the utmost respect and rather spoiled in their later stages of life, as it should be.

These older elephants are still breeding though, and since 2000, they have had over 80 births. Sadly, Asian elephants are still dying out faster than they can breed. Thanks to places like the Royal Elephant Kraal Village, their dedication and their love for these majestic animals, there is hope for the Asian elephant to continue on.

In this video, we see elephants from the Elephantstay. Paul Barton, a visiting pianist, starts playing the piano in front of Peter, the elephant. When Peter and his companion hear the music, they join in the fun by shaking their heads vigorously to the music. Peter also decides to play the piano, and the elephant lends Paul a hand – or rather his trunk. I’ve seen elephants do some strange things, but playing a 12-bar blues? That is impressive.

A Visiting Pianist Had Quite the Shock when This Elephant Decided to Play with Him