A Robin And Gardener Team Up In The Most Heartwarming Way And We Can’t Help But Smile

Sometimes even a little birdie needs some help digging for tasty snacks, and, luckily for her, this thoughtful gardener is more than happy to help. Don’t we all wish we had a shopping buddy like that?

This clip features a robin who seems to have struck up an unlikely relationship with her human companion – he hunts for juicy worms for her to feast on while she supervises the operation.

As the happy-to-oblige farmer sifts through the topsoil with his trusty hand trowel, she excitedly chitters around him, helping to spot the camouflaged grubs. And each time he finds one for her, she can’t seem to gobble up her treat fast enough.

This bird seems to have her human companion on a tight leash in this heartwarming video as he scrambles to do her bidding. Who knew humans could be trained so well?