A Hippo Eats a Whole Watermelon in One Big, Juicy Bite!

The hippos at Nagasaki Biopark in Japan get watermelon as a treat — only the keepers don’t cut them up ahead of time. These massive mammals can crush a watermelon in one bite of their impressive jaws.

Meet Momo, Don, and, Nonnon. These hippos are living their best life at a zoo in Japan, getting fed whole watermelons during snacktime. Fascinated visitors bring their cameras for some zoom shots of what it’s like to see a watermelon crushed in one bite.

The hippo’s jaw is extremely strong, so these amazing creatures are able to take the giant fruit and flatten it almost immediately. We’re just happy that some drop down for the baby hippo to eat. Nothing more frustrating for kids than watching their parents eat something and not getting a taste.