7-Inch-Tall Orphaned Baby Antelope Spreads Cheer To Everyone In His Path

There are very few things in the world as painful as living life as an orphan. We were designed to be nurtured and cared for by the loving arms of our parents. Even animals instinctively nurse their young. It is impossible for many species to survive without the attention of their parents. That is why no one expected him to survive as long as he has.

Thamos s a tiny antelope that lives in the Chester Zoo. His mother passed away when he was just a day old. He is also significantly underweight for his age. He is still less than 7 inches tall although he is a couple weeks old. You could measure his height with your ruler. The Zookeepers are yet to determine his exact weight because their scales simply cannot register his weight.

The Zookeepers have spared no expense to help Thamos grow big and strong. They each take turns gently feeding him with a bottle.

Although tiny, Thamos has quite a personality, and they have all grown to love him at the Chester Zoo. Unfortunately, he is still too frail to be introduced to the other Antelopes. Soon though he will be able to join his cousins in a protected sanctuary, far from hunters and harm.

It is truly heartwarming to watch the Zookeepers care for this little antelope. It is even more touching to see how he has progressed. Thamos is now walking stronger and even prancing around on his own. At first, it seemed doubtful that he would have survived for much longer than his mother. Despite the odds, he continues to thrive.

Thamos is truly an inspiration to us all. He is a testament to the fact that success is as a result of hard work despite less than ideal circumstances.

7-Inch-Tall Orphaned Baby Antelope Spreads Cheer To Everyone In His Path