These are priceless things you won’t ever find on the internet

Priceless things you won’t ever find on the internet

It can be difficult growing up. So many things change, and we get caught up in living life. There are times we wish we can go back and do it all over again.

The man sharing the video wants to talk about how you can buy everything on the internet except what is actually important. All he really wants are things from his memories.

Taking a trip down memory lane he talked about missing being a kid, and the joys of being carefree. He misses his mom and dad, both of their cooking is something money can’t buy.

Priceless things you won’t ever find on the internet

He wants to visit Folly Beach Pavilion and take a ride on Cooper Bridge, but both these places were torn down. On an AM radio station, he wants to hear rock and roll music playing.

There were a ton of things he ate growing up that are simply gone now. The best orange drink in his opinion was True-ade, and they don’t make those anymore.

His life was full and meaningful. A life without regrets is impossible to have, he does list a few, but he mostly wants to experience things for the first time again.

Only you can really say if you are truly satisfied with the life you lived. No one else really knows all that your entire life is made up of. This man shows that he lived a great life with many ups and downs.

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