The Elephant’s Trunk hairstyle of the 50s

The Elephant’s Trunk was a truly distinctive hairstyle, usual even then, but it became a quirky trend that may have influenced some more modern hairstyles.

We tend to think back on the 1950s as a reasonable time period compared to modern times. We remember poodle skies, drive-ins, and American Bandstand. The Elephant’s Trunk definitely belongs on that iconic list.

Even if you don’t remember much about the 50s (or weren’t alive for them), you’ve probably seen this hairstyle in old footage or pictures. The elongated ‘trunk’ protrudes out over the man’s face, creating a tube or ‘trunk’ of hair.

How was this iconic ‘do created? From this 1956 footage, we see a barber using a comb and a hairdryer to cleverly style waves into this man’s hair, pulling it forward and creating a distinctive structure.

When the man’s hair isn’t long enough to create the ‘trunk’, the barber grabs a tube of false hair to place between the strands. While the color doesn’t exactly match, it does its job – it creates a long, protruding ‘trunk’ at the front of his head.

This video also explores exactly how quirky the other men in the barbershop find this hairstyle. This just goes to show that even the most ‘head-turning’ hairstyles may become the most iconic over 60 years later!

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The Elephant’s Trunk hairstyle of the 50s