The Bestsellers of the 1980s, Do You Remember?

Step Back into the 1980s

Imagine yourself back in the glorious era of the 1980s. The Ford Escort wasn’t just a car; it was a symbol of practicality, of getting more for less, and became the top-selling vehicle across continents. The automotive giant’s dominance in the market was just one piece of the vibrant cultural fabric we now fondly remember.

Iconic Toys and Tech

The holiday season of 198 American homes were graced by a peculiar addition: the Cabbage Patch Kids. Remember the frenzy that ensued each Christmas? These dolls became a cherished memory for many, with an astonishing 65 million adoptions throughout the decade.

And who could forget the technological marvels that defined the decade? The Commodore 64 wasn’t merely a computer; it was a portal to a whole new world of discovery, becoming our nation’s top-selling PC. Its success wasn’t just in its capabilities, but also in its accessibility, with sales taking off in regular retail stores.

A Journey Through Entertainment

The 1980s wouldn’t be complete without the Nintendo Entertainment System. Remember the thrill of playing Super Mario Brothers? It was more than a game; it was an invitation to embark on an adventure right in our living rooms, making it the decade’s number one video game.

And the best-selling board game of the 1980s, Trivial Pursuit, was not just a pastime, but a testament to our collective love for knowledge and friendly competition. The game proved to be more than just a passing trend, with Time Magazine hailing it as the “biggest phenomenon in game history”.

Fashion Statements and Trends

Then there were the fashion statements. The iconic Members Only jackets were a symbol of belonging, even if it was only imagined. They came in a rainbow of colors, offering the promise of exclusivity and setting a fashion trend that echoed across the nation.

And who can forget the banana clips and Lee press-on nails? These vividly colored hair accessories and do-it-yourself manicure solutions gave everyone a chance to feel glamorous, even if it was just for a moment.

Remembering the Icons

And of course, we must remember the icons of that time. Before his NBA glory, Michael Jordan was a dream we aspired to, embodied in a pair of sneakers that every basketball-loving kid coveted. The Air Jordan 1 was more than a shoe; it represented a dream, a leap towards greatness.

In the same vein, Swatch watches were more than timepieces. With their abstract designs and oversized numbers, they became an emblem of the 80s aesthetic.

In this pleasant journey down memory lane, the video below offers a beautiful recollection of the 1980s. Because remembering our past can bring joy, why not take a moment to watch, like, and share it with others who would love a touch of nostalgia?

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The Bestsellers of the 1980s, Do You Remember?